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YACReader 6.2.0 is out!

May 26, 13

YACReader 6.2.0 is out! Check the changelog and get it!

  • New 'welcome' window (only shown if there are no libraries)
  • New import/update window
  • New search input (more compact)
  • New read comic bookmark ribbon (only for OpenGL)
  • Some tool buttons have been moved or removed
  • New way for deleting metainformation from disk (database and covers)
  • Avanced options for YACReader Flow are hidden by default, they are still available pressing a button (more compact settings dialogs).
  • Added some missing shortcuts to YACReaderLibrary
  • Bug fixed: home/end shortcuts crash
  • Bug fixed: covers not loading on first opening in YACReaderLibrary
YACReader 6.2.0 screen shot

New importing window in YACReader 6.2.0

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