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YACReader 6.5.3 available for download

July 03, 13

The new user interface for YACReader and YACReaderLibrary is ready! But this is not the only new feature, check the change log and get it!

  • New user interface
  • Improved the stability of the server (iOS users)
  • New design for the properties dialog (new interactive cover preview and selection)
  • History navigation (backward and forward buttons added to the library)
  • Improved libraries management
  • Magnifying background color matches now the viewer background color
  • New set to height button
  • Better double page mode (normalized page height)
  • Delete comics from the disk using the library
  • Button for hiding the covers in the import screen
  • Reordering columns in the comics view is now possible
  • New column 'Read' added
  • General stability improvements
  • Bug fixes
YACReader 6.5.3 screen shot

New user interface - YACReader 6.5.3

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