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YACReader 7.0 is here!

February 15, 14

YACReader 7.0 is finally avaialble. The most important update is the integration of a Comic Vine scraper in YACReaderLibrary, now you can get automatically all the information tags for your comics easily. Check the list of new features and download the new version.

  • Faster file opening in YACReader
  • Opening comics by last read page
  • Added comic ratings and current page information to YACReaderLibray
  • Each comics has its bookmarks and image settings stored in YACReaderLibrary (if you are opening the comics from it, YACReader<->YACReaderLibrary integration)
  • Dropping images on YACReader will open the containing folder as a comic by the dropped file
  • Added Comic Vine scraper
  • Settings are now stored in user's data folder
  • Added log to YACReaderLibrary for bug reporting
  • Fixed issues deleting comics
  • Improved errors management
  • Fixed key events in goToFlow
  • Fixed bug in 'update library' causing slow update times.
  • Some UI updates
  • Bug fixes

I hope you will enjoy the new version. As always, any suggestion will be welcome.

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Comic Vine support - YACReader 7.0.0

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