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3.19.0 iOS app adds dark mode support

February 26, 22
Dark mode support

YACReader for iOS 3.19.0 - dark mode

New version with a bunch of new features:

A new version of YACReader for iOS is available with a good number of new features for improving the reading experience:

  • Add support for dark theme. It can be configured in the Settings tab, options available are: classic, auto, light and dark. (iOS13+ only)
  • Add new type of page turn transition.
  • Add a close button to go back to the library when the next/previous pop up is shown at the end/begining of a comic.
  • Add automatic synchronization with YACReaderLibrary, the reading progress will stay in sync accross iOS devices and YACReaderLibrary without user intervention.
  • Improve number of steps used for scrolling horizontally through single file spreads.
  • Redesigned list view in the local library.
  • Fix navigation in screens when \"...More\" button appears in the bottom tab bar.
  • Fixes and stability improvements.
List mode redesign

YACReader for iOS 3.19.0 - new list mode

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