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9.9.0 released!

September 03, 22

It took too long, but a new version of YACReader for desktops is out, check all the new stuff:


  • Show error when opening bad open recent entries
  • GoTo page: Fix segfault when entering page numbers greater than comic's page count
      (toolbar and page flow)
  • Initialize GotoFlow on current page, not cover
  • Quick navigation mode: Fix page index error when using both mouse and keyboard for navigation
  • Remove obsolete double page mode debug messages
  • Support HDPI screens.
  • Use one wheel mouse step per page in full page mode.
  • Add updated MIME types to .desktop file for .cbz and .cbr
  • Add settings to control page turning behavior on scroll.
  • Make forward and backward buttons in a mouse turn pages.
  • Don't crash if bookmarks get corrupt for some reason.
  • Magnifying glass fixes and improvements.
  • Shortcuts customization fixes.


  • Support HDPI screens.
  • Support import legacy XML info in comic files.
  • Ensure that comic info exports use .ydb as file suffix.
  • Enable arrow keys navigation in the folders tree view.
  • Add `Publication Date` column to the comics table view.
  • Use a scale effect in the comics grids on mouse over.
  • Add system info to the help/about dialog to help reporting bugs.
  • Fix selection when clicking on a folder in search mode.
  • Fix default value for manga/comic mode in folders.
  • Add an edit for filtering series results returned by Comic Vine.
  • Support editing comics tags sequentially without leaving the edit dialog.
  • Fix export/import comics info.


  • Always serve a cover image to the iOS client for any folder that has content (requires a library content update).

I hope you enjoy this new version. As always, let me know any suggestions or problems you may have.

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