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All versions of YACReader & YACReaderLibrary

Sep 4, 2022


These are the available Windows versions:


You can get YACReader for MacOSX using the official package(recommended) or brew cast. Brew cask support is supplied by the community and might not be up to date.


1. Install homebrew (
2. install brew cask (
3. brew cask install yacreader


Note: Installation requires the current version of brew cask so if already installed, if brew-cask-0.35.0 already installed or higher we are good to go, if not: brew upgrade brew-cask


Official packages:

Third party packages:

Packaging status

Would you like to see a package for your distro? Become a YACReader packager!!!

Building from sources

Didn't find a suitable package for your platform? You can download the latest tarball or clone the source code respository and build YACReader for your own platform. Let us know if you need any help with the building process.

Dev builds

You can find the development builds in a separated repository. This is usually the version I use and they should be fairly safe to use but there is always a chance something is broken, but it is the fastest way to get the new features.

Previous releases

Releases are hosted by Github, if you are looking for a previous version you can get it from here.