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TOPIC: Driver not loaded Error - YACReaderLibrary Flatpak

Driver not loaded Error - YACReaderLibrary Flatpak 1 year 4 months ago #7194



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I have just upgraded my ubuntu VM to 22.10. At this occasion I wanted to upgrade my various YACReader resources to 9.9+
- I have found a published 9.9.2 YACReaderLibraryServer docker container (wehartgames/yacreaderlibraryserver)
- I wanted a 9.9.2 package for ubuntu but it does not exist yet so I've reverted to the new Flatpak approach which by the way seemS very promising to follow the latest versions

The docker container runs perfectly fine and I can access my library from my iPad/iPhone
The YacReader 9.9.2 Flatpak works fine as well.

But when I launch the YacReaderLibrary 9.9.2 Flatpak, he asks me whether I want to create/add a library and when I try with a very small trial library, I take an error "Driver not loaded-Driver not loaded"

I have installed the selmf's Debian/ubuntu 9.9.1 package in // and the update of the library went fine including the fix of my samba pb with the nobrl option (for info the nolock option was only introduced to align with NFS and it has been removed from latest Samba package reverting to the original syntax).

I have read in an other support post from selmf that the pb was a screwed dependency with the QT5 database engine preventing YACReaderLibrary to handle the ydb sqlite file. The fix at the time was to "add" the libqt5sql5-sqlite "package". But, although it's my first use of Flatpak (I was more a snap guy), I do think the library must be added to the sandbox and not the overall distribution? Otherwise, the error message is the same one but the missing driver is not that one because I do have the latest version of libqt5sql5-sqlite installed on my vm.

So my question to you guys is: is it a bug in the Flatpak 9.9.2 delivered or did I do something wrong at installation time?
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