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TOPIC: Hello from Greece!

Hello from Greece! 1 year 2 months ago #7287



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Hey, I'm Dimitris from Greece, and let me first say that the app is awesome and it's the one I ended up with while trying and searching many..many.. MANY apps.

I do have a few questions for anyone that can help me out.

1) Is there a dark mode on Mac OS? I didn't find anything in the settings, and if not is it coming?

2) As I understand the Reading Lists are just lists that we create with drag-n-drop, like making events or character reading orders etc., but, what are the tags for? Since I can edit a comic and add on "genres" any tags I want that are searchable, what do I need the tags(labels) for? Since I can name any reading list whatever I want, which is the same as a label. Sorry, just trying to understand.

3) When you right click on a comic, what is the "# Assign current order to comics"?

4) Can I somehow set a custom folder icon that I've made in photoshop for example for my folder on Finder, but have it also as a cover on my subfolder on YACReaderLibrary instead of having the first comic cover showing that's inside? To have different series/volumes that way.

5) Again, Can I change the folder icons on the sidebar on YACReaderLibrary to logos instead of a publisher/character/whatever I want?

6) If I transfer my Library to an External HD (which is where I want to have it and continue when the hd arrives) how do I go about it to have YACReaderLibrary read it every time I connect it to my mac? If the external hd is connected will the app read the library? Will I have to create a new library every time I connect the external hd?

7) What is the "Close to Tray" on settings?

8) What does the pack/unpack covers do?

9) Can we have more info added that we can add manually? Like Variant Covers, Country, Language (comics in different language), info about characters, price etc.?

Thanks a lot and sorry for the many questions!
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Hello from Greece! 1 year 2 months ago #7289

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1) Not yet, but it is coming.
2) Tags are for whatever you want, if you don't find that feature useful then just ignore them.
3) Just a quick way to asign the issue number to the comics, e.g. select all -> assign number
4) Not yet.
5) No, it will require an overhaul of the side bar.
6) The metadata is stored in the external hd, and the library entry in YACReaderLibrary will point to it, so it is plug&play.
7) You can minimize the app when you close it to the system tray instead of clossing (to right corner of the screen in macos).
8 ) Some legacy funcionality, some sort of backup of the covers. You probably don't need to use it at all.
9) I will think about it.

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Hello from Greece! 1 year 1 month ago #7385



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I'll add my request for dark mode in the library for MacOS

Thanks for a great pair of programs.
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